I think this section is necessary to clarify some very basic concepts:

1) What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is the concept of having every-day life objects connected to the Internet. Such hyper-connectivity will enable tons of new applications that will:

– Help human-kind save and make more money.

– Improve societal well-being.

– Improve the efficiency of industrial processes, thus saving money.

– Improve the ways that cities are operated, reducing costs, and improving citizen experience.

– The list of potential applications is infinite, so I stop here, and let you run your imagination.

2) What are Machine-to-Machine communications?

Automated communication between machines without human intervention. M2M communications are not the IoT. M2M communications facilitate the IoT.

3) What are Machine-Type communications (MTC?

Machine-type communications are communications intended to be transmitted or received (or both) by an automated machine. While M2M strictly speaking refers to a Machine to a Machine talking to each other, Machine-Type communication refers to communication wherein one of the involved entities (transmitted or receiver) is a machine. Therefore, we could say that MTC is a generalization of M2M. Or the other way around, M2M are one type of MTC.

4) What is the Industrial Internet or the Internet of Everything?

Well, you know, you can imagine, every big company tries to get “its name” to become “the name”. Even though with minor variations and acceptable subtleness, all these terms refer to the same concept of having every object connected to the Internet, thus enabling infinite range of smart applications.

5) Do you want any other definition? leave a comment below and ask!


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